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Key Background information

  • Status under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change:
  • Member of which negotiating group(s):
  • Greenhouse gas emission reduction target:
    • under the Kyoto Protocol:
    • which the government is proposing be adopted for 2020:
    • which the government is proposing be adopted for 2050:

History in negotiations on the convention to 2008

Ranking in Climate Change Performance Index 2008


Greenhouse gas emissions profile and trends

  • Energy sector:
  • Transport:
  • Residential:
  • Industry:

National Policy Performance

What are the key policies the national government are promoting to addressing greenhouse gas emissions:


  • Energy Efficiency:
  • Electricity generation:
    • Renewable energy target:
    • New coal-fired power stations:
    • Carbon Capture and Storage:
    • Nuclear power:




Key Positions in the Negotiations Leading to COP 15


Lead government Agency

Official national government reports to UNFCC

Annex 1 countries are required to submitted 'national communications' to the UNFCCC to report on progress in implementing the convention as are those that have ratified the Kyoto Protocol.

Key National Non-Government Organizations Advocating Cutting Greenhouse Emissions

Key Industry Organizations Lobbying Against an Effective Global Agreement

  1. Jan Burck, Christoph Bals, Marisa Beck and Elisabeth Rüthlein, Climate Change Performance Index 2008: A comparison of the 56 top CO2 emitting nations, December 2007. (Large Pdf).