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Robert R. "Bobby" Eberle, Jr. is editor-in-chief of Talon News.

Following an interview with Eberle, Rachel Graves of the Houston Chronicle reported on February 18, 2005 that he is the younger brother of conservative direct-mail fundraiser Bruce W. Eberle.[1] Subsequently, the Chronicle issued a correction, stating that "Bobby Eberle, a Pearland man who operates the Talon News Web site, is not related to Bruce Eberle of the affiliated Millions of Americans Web site." According to Graves, Bruce Eberle asked for the correction, telling her that although he has a brother named Bobby, it isn't the same Bobby Eberle who runs Talon News." [2]

Elsewhere, however, CBS News has described Bruce Eberle as a "business associate of conservative direct-mail guru Bruce Eberle who says that Bobby is from the 'Texas branch of the Eberle clan.'" [3]

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