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"The Bristol Green Capital Partnership is a free membership organisation whose aim is to make Bristol “a low carbon city with a high quality of life for all”." [1]

"In 2007, the Bristol Partnership launched the Green Capital initiative in order to invite organisations in the city to play their part in helping tackle climate change and contribute to Bristol's ambition of becoming a leading UK green capital. Bristol aims to build on its strengths in the environmental technology and services sector, its ‘green' knowledge capital (Centre for Sustainable Energy, Sustrans, Soil Association, BBC Natural History Unit and many others) and the readiness of many of its citizens to adopt greener lifestyles.

"The Green Capital Partnership has been funded by Bristol City Council and in 2010 a manager's post was established. The Council has adopted its own Green Capital Action Plan and is required as part of its Local Area Agreement to measure and report on national indicators for carbon emissions (NI185) and climate change adaptation (NI186).

"The Partnership is run by a Momentum Group and a Steering Group. The Momentum Group meets quarterly and is open to anyone who has signed the Green Capital pledge "to help make Bristol a low-carbon city witha high quality of life for all". The Steering Group is made up of the chairs of sub-groups and key partner organisations. Their role is to agree the way the operating budget is spent and to direct the manager's work programme." wiki

Steering Group

Accessed March 2014: [2]

Steering Group members are:

And Action Group leaders as listed below; There are several Green Capital Partnership Action Groups covering various aspects of our work. If you would like to be involved, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can send you contact details for the group leaders.

Thematic Action Groups

Cross-cutting Action Groups



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