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Brooke Group Limited is the parent Company of Liggett & Myers, Inc., and the parent company of Liggett Group.


The abbreviation for Brooke Group Limited is BGL. It is the parent corporation of Liggett Group Inc. and Liggett & Myers, Inc. Durham, NC/Miami, FL. A Delaware corporation with its principal place of business at 300 North Duke Street, Durham, NC (D.B., complaint, 4/94). Agent for service of process is The Corporation Trust Company, 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801 (D.B., complaint, 4/94). Liggett Group Inc. is an (indirect) subsidiary of Brooke Group Ltd. of New York, as of 4/94.(Wall Street Journal 4/14/94; Castano LGI List of Affiliations 5/94). Brooke Group Ltd. has two indirect subsidiaries that are not wholly-owned (5/94): MAI Systems Corporation and New Valley Corp. (Castano LGI List of Affiliations 5/94). Brooke Group, Ltd. was a defendant in the case of Norma Broin v. Philip Morris, a flight attendant/second hand smoke class action in Florida.

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