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Bruce Andrews, was the President of the Animal Agriculture Alliance (AAA), a lobby group for some U.S. agriculture interests, for approximately two years until May 2004. [1]

The AAA's annual return to the Internal Revenue Service for the year to April 2004 stated that Andrews was paid $100,000 for working an average of 10 hours a week. [2]

Andrews was "President of Alpharma's Animal Health Division from May 1997 until his retirement in December 2001. During that time he led the company through a period of considerable growth, including several acquisitions. He also served on several industry boards including: the International Federation for Animal Health where he was President and Chairman of the Board. He also served as Vice Chairman of the Animal Health Institute, and on the Executive Committee of American Feed Industry Association. Andrews was a member of the Executive Committee of the Animal Industry Foundation, the predecessor to the Animal Agriculture Alliance, and subsequently on the Executive Committee of the Alliance," a biographical note states. [3]

"Prior to joining Alpharma, Andrews had a twenty-year career with American Cyanamid where he served in a number of positions with increasing responsibility. In 1992, he was appointed President of the North American Animal Health and Nutrition Division. Andrews left Cyanamid when it was acquired in December 1994, by American Home Products. He is a founding partner in a multi media venture Lifelearn, started in 1993, that provides distance-learning programs for the Veterinary profession. From 1995 to 1997, Andrews was a senior consultant for Brakke Consulting, Inc," his biographical note states. [4]

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