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Bruce D. Davies joined Philip Morris in 1982 and worked as a Senior Research Scientist in PM's Richmond, Virginia location. In 1999 he was appointed Manager of Scientific Affairs for the MERCOSUR and ANCAM regions, but remained in Richmond. He worked under Richard P. Solana of Philip Morris Worldwide Scientific Affairs. [1]

MERCOSUR is an abbreviation for the "southern common market," an area comprised of Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil. [2] The ANCAM region refers to the Andean and Central American countries of Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia. It also includes Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and the Central American countries Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama.[3]

As a scientist at PM, Davies' expertise was in nicotine neurochemistry, the specific effects of nicotine on neuropharmacology, general physiology, and receptor and cellular molecular biochemistry in general. He developed scientific positions and managed external research in these areas. He also developed and managed consultants in these areas.[4]

Involvement in programs and projects at Philip Morris

Bruce Davies was the project leader for Philip Morris' Latin American ETS Consultants Program, to recruit and retain a stable of scientific consultants who would help "further our research agenda" and influence secondhand smoke policies in Latin America.[5]


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