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Bruce R. Lehfeldt, of Niceville, Florida, according to Florida corporate records, was both president and a director of Tepper Aviation, Inc. in 1995, 1996, and 1997 (annual reports).

Lee Gossett wrote the following about Lehfeldt in his November 2006 (updated) article on Air America:

"During the summer of 1963 in Alaska, a Missoula jumper crew flew up to give us a hand with the fires. These crews were known as bumper crews and were called in if it looked like we were going to have more fires than the Alaska jumpers could handle. The Alaska and Missoula crews became one and they were a great bunch of guys. Five or more of the Missoula jumpers from that Alaska bumper crew went on to work for Intermountain Aviation, out of Marana, Arizona, and the 'Agency' after the fire season. One of the jumpers was Bruce Lehfeldt (MSO-54), a best friend since 1963."

According to the end notes for "The CIA's Secret War in Tibet" by Kenneth Conboy and James Morrison, Bruce Lehfeldt was interviewed May 19, 1999.

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