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Bunge alimentos

Bunge Alimentos is recognized as one of the agribusinesses and food leaders in Latin America and the world and is the largest company of this industry in Brazil. It sells grains as soy and wheat as well as corn, sorghum, sunflower, cottonseed and sugar. It also produces soy bran, vegetable oils, refined oils, margarines, vegetable fats and mayonnaise. Bunge Alimentos is part of the Bunge Limited global corporation. It has presence in 15 Brazilian states and its headquarters are in Gaspar, Santa Catarina state. It has more than 5.000 directly workers as well as 28.000 rural producers plus the thousand of workers with and indirectly relation with the company.[1]

Company History

Bunge is born in 1905 with the purchase of a wheat mill near Sao Pablo. Since this moment the company put all the attention in growing and consolidate itself as a good and responsible company. In 1923 the company establishes a new division in the Northeast, industrializing the cottonseed trade. In 1929 the company launches a new revolutionary product that surprises all Brazilians: vegetable oil with cotton base that can be used as kitchen oil. In 1956 a new product as successful as the kitchen oil is launched: ready- made mixes for cakes and pastries. All this as well as others innovations make Bunge a very recognized organization. In 1990´s and due the internationalization of the company, Bunge´s operations are divided into Bunge Alimentos and Bunge Fertilizantes.[2]

Political and Public Influence

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Corporate Accountability

Bunge Alimentos exposes very clear the principles and values with which the company manages its relations with its workers and all the groups of interest that interact with it, on its webpage.[3] On the same webpage all the social and environmental programs the company has are available.[4] Between all the projects, the Bunge foundation deserves special mention: it’s a foundation that was born in 1955 and is dedicated to help the poor people with a special emphasis on the education but besides the direct help the foundation gives to enable kids to study, it also encourages teacher training. Bunge Alimentos, however, has not been exempt of controversies and denounces.

20 November 2007: “Food companies Take Responsibility for Improved Sustainability Reporting” [5]

This article is about a very noble and progressive initiative (Global Reporting Initiative) that a group of food companies (Bunge Alimentos included), with some other institutions, are promoting. According to the article the program has the intention of increasing “…transparency in food production by facilitating a working group to provide sector specific sustainability indicators for food processing activities”. In other words these companies are supporting the creation of an independent group that really measures their progress in certain actions and activities related to hunger relief, product quality, environmental protection, employee well-being and community support.


This text is a short brochure that announces the inauguration of a new center for environmental preservation, research and education. According to the text Bounge would provide the entire center as a result of an investment of more than $2.5 million. In addition Bounge would invest $2 million in the maintenance of the center. According to the author this shows the Bunge environmental compromise.


1 April 2005: “Descalabro ambiental no Piaui mostra abusos de transnacional” [7]

The article denounces that because of the negligence of Bunge Alimentos an environment catastrophe, which calls the attention of all the international community, occurred and a lot of labor problems and abuses are known.

Financial Information


Members of the Executive Board of Bunge Alimentos S.A. [8]

Sérgio Roberto Waldrich – Chief Executive Officer.

Jankees van der Wild - Vice-president of Agribusiness (Operations, Origination and Foreign/Domestic Market Trading departments).

Murilo Braz Sant’Anna – Vice-president of Food Products (Consumption, Food Processor and Supply Chain departments).

Martinho Silveira – Director of Sugar. 

Amador Nogueira de Carvalho – Director of Consumption (sales of branded products to the final consumer, product marketing and exports of consumption products).

Junior Justino – Director of Food Processor (sales to bakeries, industry, for food service, technical support to clients and marketing services).

Joanita Karoleski – Director of Supply Chain (distribution, operations and planning for the consumption and food processor areas).

Ivo José Dreher – CFO (administration and finance, shared services, fiscal, business analysis, development of new businesses, legal and IT).

Haroldo Pedro Gianezini – Director de Origination (sales of grains, commercial and marketing of relationships and partnerships).

Charles Von Der Heyde – Director of Foreign/Domestic Market Trading (sales of bran, oils, grains and ingredients for animal feed, and market intelligence).

Hélio Effting – Director of Operations (logistics, storage, infrastructure, industrial food products, industrial crushing and supplies).

António Carlos Branco – Director of Port & Service (logistics and port operations).

Arene Trevisan – Director of Logistics.

Marcelo Alceu Amoroso Lima – Director of Organizational Development (investment and development of human resources, productivity, quality, work and environmental safety, compensation and institutional relationships).

Contact Information

Rodovia Jorge Lacerda, km 20
Bairro Poço Grande – Caixa Postal 45
CEP 89110-000 – Gaspar SC
Telephone: (47) 3331-2222 

Fax: (47) 3331-2005

Corporate Registration Number (CNPJ): 84.046.101/0001-93

Tax Registration Number: 250.212.226 

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