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Byron Belitsos "is an author, editor, journalist, and award-winning book publisher and has been politically active since 1969 in a variety of venues and contexts, and most recently in the world democracy movement. Among his many publications, Belitsos is the coauthor and publisher of the acclaimed book One World Democracy: A Progressive Vision for Enforceable Global Law (Origin Press: September, 2005). Belitsos was an inaugural member of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute, and was a pioneer in the integral movement.

"Belitsos has a B.A. (Honors) from the University of Chicago in intellectual history. He has done graduate work in the history of consciousness and religious studies at the University of California (Santa Cruz and Berkeley campuses), and at the California Institute of Integral Studies, developing expertise in history, psychology, politics, and religious studies. He is the CEO if Wisdom Media LLC." [1]

"Byron Belitsos is an award-winning author and book publisher, and also an editor, poet, and educator, and was editor and publisher of Birth 2012 by Barbara Marx Hubbard. After founding Origin Press ( in 1996, Belitsos has worked with numerous leading authors including Peter Russell, Ralph Metzner, Jim Marrs, Charles Tart, James O'Dea, and Anodea Judith. Belitsos has spoken out widely about off-planet realities at numerous UFO conferences and radio and TV programs, and is best-known in the UFO community as the publisher of a three-book series by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Phil Krapf, one of the most credible and respected alien abductees. Byron is also known as a leading expert on The Urantia Book, and has written, spoken, and given workshops widely on its teachings, including appearances on GAIAM TV and Coast-to-Coast AM Radio with George Noory. He has coauthored and published four previous books about the Urantia Revelation, most recently Healing a Broken World (2013) and The Adventure of Being Human (2011). Belitsos received a B.A. (Honors) in European intellectual history from the University of Chicago in 1977 and was a Rhodes Scholarship nominee. His graduate studies have embraced history, literature, religious studies, and theology. Byron was an inaugural member of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute and was a board member of the Democratic World Federalists and of He lives in San Rafael, California."[2]

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