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Caparo Renewable Agriculture Developments Ltd. (CRAD-L) was founded with the backing of the Caparo Group. Its mission is "to build the largest diverse sustainable agricultural farming business in Africa, with a focus on producing renewable energy that will contribute significantly to the responsible development of our planet."[1] According to its website, as of July 2011, "Crad-l currently has two existing businesses - Namibia Agriculture & Renewables Ltd (with 150,000 hectares of development ground in the Caprivi Strip, Northern Namibia) and Sierra Leone Agriculture Ltd (with 46,000 hectares in Western Sierra Leone under license for multi commodity development with a focus on Palm oil)." It is also examining investment opportunities in Angola, Mozambique, Uganda, Mauritania, and South Sudan.[2] With its large land holdings in Africa, CRAD-L is a major player in the global land grab.

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