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The California Latino Water Coalition (CLWC) describes itself as "a statewide coalition of influential Latino leaders that supports development of San Joaquin-Sacramento Delta environmental, conveyance and sustainability solutions along with additional water resources in California. With actor-comedian Paul Rodriguez as chairperson, the organization's goal is to demonstrate the need for a comprehensive statewide water infrastructure plan, a program that includes groundwater and surface water storage capabilities, conservation and water resources stewardship, water recycling and desalinization." [1]


From the CLWC website: [1]

Contact information and Burson-Marsteller connections


Patrick George, cell phone number 310-487-3001, is listed as the CLWC contact on the group's press releases. [2] George is a director of Burson-Marsteller's media practice, working out of the public relations firm's Sacramento, California office. [3] The same phone number, along with Patrick George's name and sometimes his Burson-Marsteller email address ( AT, is listed on press releases for Accenture [4], the newsletter of the California Cotton Ginners and Growers Associations [5], and announcements for the Friant Water Users Authority. [6]

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