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U.S. Marine Corps Corporal Carl Hartmann of Omaha, Nebraska, is a local leader in Nebraska for Vets for Freedom.

It was announced on August 8, 2007, that the "new local leaders" of Vets for Freedom are Brian Bresnahan, "an Iraq war veteran from Benedict," and Carl Hartmann, "an Iraq war veteran from Omaha. They will be contacting other local veterans from the state, asking them to contact their Senators and Representatives with their message of support for the current strategy in Iraq.[1]

Bill O'Reilly Show

On January 9, 2007, Hartmann submitted the following to O'Reilly's "Factor Mail":[2]

"I am a Marine who's served three tours in Iraq. We have a problem there because of the rules of engagement are too strict. The media is on a witch hunt for atrocities and Washington is reacting to that."

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