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The Center for American Freedom (CAF) is a Washington based self proclaimed "conservative advocacy group" that publishes through the online news outlet, The Washington Free Beacon. Its stated mission is to "transform conservative ideas into policy because we believe that it is America’s freedom which [sic] creates boundless opportunity for her people."[1]


CAF Models Itself After Liberal Counterpart

Matthhew Continetti, editor of the Washington Free Beacon indicated to Politico that the Center for American Freedom was inspired by its liberal counterpart, the Center for American Progress (CAP) and its blog. “Our models are the Center for American Progress/Think Progress, [Talking Points Memo], and Huffington Post politics. These outlets have been at the cutting edge of ideological journalism for years, and it is time for the right to emulate their success.” Added Goldfarb: “It’s very impressive what they’ve done. Obviously, I think they’re misguided and they have some horrible policy views and they’ve done some things I wouldn’t do, but the premise of it is extremely impressive," said Continetti. [2]


The group is a 501(c)(4) organization and subsequently not required to disclose its donors.[3] According to its chairman Michael Goldfarb, CAF has an annual budget of "several million dollars."[4]



Board Members


  • Aaron Harison, President
  • Tim Killeen, Research Director
  • Drew Florio, Chief Media Analyst
  • Nichole Wilson, Senior Research Analyst
  • Adam Kennedy, Research Analyst
  • Stephanie Isaacson, Research Analyst
  • Brent Scher, Research Analyst
  • Robert Charette, Media Analyst
  • Ellen Corman, Media Analyst
  • Carter Eltzroth, Media Analyst
  • Jordan Steinmann, Office Manager


Center for American Freedom
1600 K Street, NW
Suite 200
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: (202) 465-8605


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