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"Rama Jyoti is the founding President of the Center for International Dialogue formerly known as the Center for the Soviet American Dialogue. The Center was founded in 1984, during the height of the Cold War era, to create a framework in which citizens of the US and USSR could overcome their stereotypes of one another by exploring their commonalities as well as differences through dialogue." [1]

Soviet-American Citizens Summit I - Winter of 1988

"In Winter of 1988, a five-day conference hosted in Washington, D.C. by the Center For Soviet-American Dialogue, brought together more than 100 Soviet leaders in their fields, with 500 American citizens. The conference was entitled the 1st Soviet-American Citizen Summit, A New Way of Thinking: Social Inventions for the New Millennium. The theme was inspired by Ronald Reagan's message to Congress inviting them to engage in exchanges with the former Soviet Union. The conference began with a speech from Robert Muller, former Under Secretary General of the United Nations. Speakers included Ted Turner, Founder CNN, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Global Futurist and protege of Buckminster Fuller, Paul Temple, Founder/CEO Energy Capital and Rama Vernon along with major Soviet leaders. This conference inspired more than 740 joint projects between the U.S. and U.S.S.R." [1] (Claiborne Pell, Alan Cranston)

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