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The Center for Law and Policy, (CLP) officially registered as the Rule of Law Endowment, is the sister organization of the Republican Attorneys General Association and the Rule of Law Defense Fund.[1]

According to its tax-exempt application, CLP "will serve as both a research generator and an information distributor so that the public is informed of the critical role these state offices play in our system of government."[1] CLP maintains a resources section on its website where it lists lawsuits, amicus briefs, and letters filed by Republican attorneys general.[2]

CLP states on its website that it "hosts educational round tables, policy briefings, and forums to educate state attorneys general and their staff on a wide range of policy issues."[3]

News and Controversies

CLP Leads Tech Summit at RAGA's Summer Meeting

CLP led a “Tech Summit” at RAGA’s Summer Meeting in Deer Valley, Utah on Aug. 17, where Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody was a featured speaker, according to RAGA’s agenda acquired by CMD.[4] Further details on the Summit are not publicly available.


CLP's funding sources are not yet publicly available. Only the National Child Identification Program can be linked to CLP through a Dec. 29, 2020 letter to the IRS obtained by CMD asking for expedited processing so it could receive $100,000 from the group by Jan. 8, 2021.[4]

That funding, however, never came. “We anticipated supporting it,” Kenny Hansmire, executive director of the National Child Identification told CMD. “We did not move forward with any monetary support.”

Core Financials

CLP's financials are not yet publicly available.


As disclosed on CLP's tax-exempt application:[1]


  • Peter Bisbee, Executive and Policy Director
  • Adam Piper, President

Board of Directors

  • Adam Piper
  • Luther Strange
  • Charlie Condon
  • Lee Russell

Contact Information

Center for Law and Policy
1747 Pennsylvania Ave., Suite 800
Washington, D.C., 20006
Phone: 601-842-1453

Articles and Resources

IRS Filings

Tax-Exempt Application


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