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The Center for Opening and Development of Latin America (CADAL), "with its main office in Buenos Aires and an office in Montevideo, is a non-profit, non-partisan NGO, created in Argentina on February 2003. It's founding members and officers share a Liberal-Democratic vision. They have had prior participation in other NGOs as well as in journalistic and Human Rights activities linked with the study of Latin American Politics.

"The creation of CADAL took into account the several political, institutional and economical crises in Latin America and their regional impact, as well as the perception that there could be future setbacks in terms of civil and economic liberties. In this sense, it was taken into account that in general the NGOs that promote Human Rights and press freedom, tend to provide a harsh view regarding market policies; and, on the other hand, the institutions that promote free-market public policies have no good history regarding the defence of fundamental democratic liberties. In this manner, CADAL emerged to occupy that place in Latin America, the place of simultaneously promoting political democracies and free-markets." [1]

"CADAL is member of Red Interamericana para la Democracia (Inter-American Network for Democracy) and Network of Democracy Research Institutes. For its work, CADAL has received two international awards: "2005 Templeton Freedom Award Grant for Institute Excellence" and "2005 Francisco De Vitoria Prize for Ethics and Values"." [2]

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