Center for Research on Population and Security

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The Center for Research on Population and Security, established in 1984, is a private nonprofit 501 (c) (3) corporation funded by grants from private foundations and contributions from individuals. The center is independent and governed by a board of directors."[1]


The Center's mission is to "develop, organize, finance, promote, undertake and support research on all aspects of population growth control (biomedical, psychosocial, political, and economic)."[2]

  • Primary interests of the Center are:[3]
The study of the national and global security implications of overpopulation.
Such research includes but is not limited to:
Population growth, overpopulation and immigration as determinants in domestic and international conflict; military solutions to problems caused by overpopulation; new dimensions to warfare precipitated by overpopulation, and potential counterforces to these new dimensions.
The development of new and improved methods of contraception.
Evaluation of the safety and efficacy of contraceptive methods.
The role of abortion in population growth control.
Dissemination of the research findings and related educational materials.


Stephen Douglas Mumford

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