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The website of Center for The 21st Century describes it as "a Dallas, Texas based socioeconomic think tank which specializes in innovative business, nonprofit, education, government, religious, and community-based performance interventions." It appears to have a strong right-wing Christian religious orientation.

The website describes the Center's founder and president Carolyn Corbin as "an internationally renowned consultant, author, speaker, and business futurist." Viewed on April 27, 2004, it listed no other personnel.

Quote from the Center's website:

"After speaking to a group of nuclear scientists who had asked her to address nuclear industry leadership in the 21st century, a scientist remarked to Carolyn: 'If the world becomes as you have just presented, the world cannot stand. We cannot have relative values in a nuclear world. We will destroy one another.'
"That moment inspired the creation of the LifeWise(SM) division of the Center for the 21st Century and the writing of the book, A Promise to America: God's Guarantee. The book focuses on how terrorism and world events threaten America as never before and how Christians in America cannot be lured into modern complacency but need to practice Godly obedience in order to preserve America’s future. 'It is a responsibility beginning with God’s people and radiating to every citizen,' claims Carolyn." [1]

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