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Professor Changrok Soh, "has been a professor of Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) at Korea University since March 1996. Honorably, since December 2006, he has held the office of Dean of GSIS, along with being the director of Global Research Institute. Since January 2006, he has worked as Deputy Director of Asia Center for Human Rights. Professor Soh has mainly been concentrating on World Politics. However, he also put much effort to attract attention on Human Rights, Global Governance, or International Relations not only from scholars but also from public. Among all the researches, there are a few selected topics of Dean Soh., reflecting EFEO’s core interest on Asia: 1. “Enhancing Human Security in North Korea: A Multilateral Approach,” Non-Governmental Six Party Talks on Cooperation in Northeast Asia, (The Korea Association of International Studies, 2006). 2. “North Korea’s Human Rights Issues and East Asia Human Rights Governance: focus on Global Regime Theory” (Institute for Peace Affairs, 2005). 3.“The Influence of the United States on 'WTO Plus” in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation" (Korea Review of International Studies, 2001). 4.“Theoretical Approaches to Global Governance” (Korea Review of International Studies, 2002)." [1]

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