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China News Digest International CND) "is a non-profit organization registered in the State of Maryland, United States. CND is operated by volunteers with a mandate to provide timely and balanced news coverage on China and China related affairs. CND also provides other information services to Chinese communities around the world. Its services are free of charge. CND is independent of any other organizations and strives to be impartial on the issues and news it reports." [1]

"On March 4, 1989, two Chinese students in Canada, Luping Liang and Roupeng Zhu proposed a plan for a communication network for Chinese students in Canada and asked two Chinese students, Bo Xiong and Ziye Zhou in the United States, for help. This cross-border arrangement was intended to evade the pressures from the Chinese Consulates in Canada, which had a higher degree of control on Chinese students than their U.S. counterparts."[2]



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