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China-Review Information and Technology Company'

In 2005, the NED provided CIPE with a grant to "foster pluralism and transparency in public policy analysis and discussion. CIPE will support the work of China Review, an independent think-tank focused on cutting-edge policy analysis. China Review will continue its series of biweekly symposia stimulating debate on issues of economic and system reform." [1]

In January 2006 "China – CIPE partner the China-Review Information Technology Company, in conjunction with the Unirule Institute of Economics, hosted a symposium on January 21 in Beijing. Unirule’s Professor Zhang Shuguang discussed “China’s Macroeconomy.” Approximately 30 entrepreneurs, scholars, and government officials attended the event." [2] (pdf)

In December 2006 CIPE noted that their "partner China-Review Information and Technology Company, Ltd held one of its on-going policy reform symposia. Dr. Qijing Zhang addressed the crowd of 30 on the topic of the relationship between decentralization, inequality, and development in China." [3] (pdf)