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Christopher A. Wysocki (also known as Chris Wysocki) served as Chief Consultant and Executive Director to California Assembly Leader Bill Leonard before he became the president of the Small Business Survival Committee (SBSC) on September 8, 1999. [1] Karen Kerrigan who was the president from the start in 1994 became chairman of SBSC. Mr. Wysocki remained president of SBSC until June 2001 when Darrell McKigney took over that position. [2] Chris Wysocki still represents the Small Business Survival Committee in Sacramento [3] and acts as a spokesman for SBSC. [4] [5]

In November 2001 Mr. Wysocki joined Gilliard Blanning & Associates, a Republican general consulting firm based in Sacramento, CA.[6] Chris Wysocki is now vice president of this political consulting firm which is renamed to 'Gilliard, Blanning, Wysocki & Associates, Inc. (GBWA)'. He was also a consultant and spokesman for the 'Rescue California ... Recall Gray Davis' campaign in 2003. [7]

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