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Claire Mercer, visiting fellow, Centre for Civil Society - LSE. [1]

Select Publications

  • Mercer, Claire and Ben Page, Martin Evans, (2009) Unsettling connections: transnational networks, development and African home associations. Global networks, 9 (2). pp. 141-161. ISSN 1470-2266
  • Mercer, Claire and Page, Ben and Evans, Martin (2008) Development and the African diaspora: place and the politics of home. Zed Books, London, UK. ISBN 9781842779002
  • Tim Kelsall and Mercer, Claire (2003) Empowering people? World vision & 'transformatory development' in Tanzania. Review of African political economy, 30 (96). pp. 293-304. ISSN 0305-6244
  • Mercer, Claire (2002) NGOs, civil society and democratization in the developing world: a critical review of the literature. Progress in development studies, 2 (1). pp. 5-22. ISSN 1464-9934

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