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"OneVoice is a coalition of organizations united to form a collective power that reflects the evolution of consciousness toward an enlightened society, the nature and details of which are presently unfolding. The expanding OneVoice community fosters deep dialogue, conscious connecting and illuminating events. These activities serve the universal passion to connect on the level of spirit...

"In the summer of 2006, eleven people, each contributing to different aspects of the consciousness movement, came to the same soul stirring vision: The time was ripe for organizations and individuals committed to conscious evolution to gather together in a vast community to apply their collective power and wisdom for the greater good.

"Randomly—or so it seemed—these people began to meet one another in various circumstances. Each was surprised to discover that the other held the same idea and with equal passion. It was as though a cosmic e-mail had come through and the universe was bringing them together to act.

"The eleven formed a group and met on a regular basis in New York City to explore possibilities for manifesting their shared vision. This was the birth of The Coalition for OneVoice.

"They reached out to local, like-minded leaders by sponsoring intimate gatherings where people sat in a circle in deep dialogue about building community. Everyone brimmed with the passion to connect.

"The time came for an official launch of The Coalition for OneVoice. We connected with the Alliance for a New Humanity and its President, Deepak Chopra. He agreed to speak at our first major event titled “Passion to Connect”. It took place on October 15th, 2006, at Spirit New York. Seven hundred and fifty people attended. These are some of the highlights:

"Deepak Chopra and Andrew Cohen spoke in dialogue about the meaning of consciousness and the struggle to manifest it. Visionary artist Alex Grey spoke of spiritual community. Rumi poetry was performed. Using World Café Dialogue, people broke into small groups to explore conscious evolution. Soul and jazz artist Fred Johnson performed a rousing piece at the end that perfectly encapsulated the afternoon." [1]


Accessed December 2013: [2]

Steering Committee Members

  • Len Belzer: Wrote, produced, hosted internationally syndicated radio show,The Comedy Hour; co-wrote "Spiritual Places In and Around New York City" with Emily Squires; former psychiatric social worker at New York Hospital’s Payne Whitney Clinic; teaches conversational English to immigrants at Riverside Church English Language Program.
  • Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D: president of Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (FIONS), , consultant, author of Food and Healing and other books; health educator, and founder of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in NYC,
  • Thomas A. Downes Ph.D: Clinical Supervisor of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy; Diplomate Status in The American Psychotherapy Association: One of the co-founders of Interspiritual Dialogue in Action; Certified Tai Chi Teacher: Lead UN NGO Representative of Pax Christi International; Fellow status in The American Association of Integrative Medicine.
  • Jane Hughes Gignoux: FoulkeTale, , author of Some Folk Say: Stories of Life, Death, and Beyond; storyteller, Civil Celebrant. Presentations focused on "changing the story." IONS Elder Council coordinator . FIONS board member
  • Kurt Johnson, Ph.D. is a co-founder of InterSpiritual Dialogue in Action ( & and widely engaged internationally in spiritual teaching, professional science, social activism and ethics ( He serves in a number of capacities for the American Ethical Union, Humanist Institute and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
  • Linus Roache is an actor by profession and is also the Managing Director of the New York Center for EnlightenNext -
  • Gerard Senehi has served in several capacities at EnlightenNext: as Director of the New York Center, overseeing its Paris Center, as Director of Human Resources, as a member of the Board at the International headquarters in Lenox, Massachusetts. Currently he is on the Executive Development Committee and bringing the work and perspective of EnlightenNext to corporate audiences.
  • Emily Squires: Television Director (Sesame Street, Elmo Saves Christmas, The Wubbuloius World of Dr. Seuss, Between the Lions, and others); Documentary Films: “The Art of Being Human: A portrait of Frederick Franck”, ”Visions of Perfect Worlds: A Conversation with the Dalai Lama”, “Five Masters of Meditation.” Writer, Author with Len Belzer of "Spiritual Places In and Around New York City". FIONS Board member
  • Sheila Wall, MSW: is a certified Executive and Life Coach, specializing in communication and leadership skills. Former careers were as a psychotherapist in a CT Student Based Health Center and a VP in a global risk management company. She is the founder and former chapter leader of the Association for Spirit at Work (ASAW), NYC, a member of ASAW and served on the planning committee for the International Spirit at Work Awards and Conference.
  • Diane Williams is the founder of The Source of Synergy Foundation; Chairperson Emeritus of the NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns (NY) at the United Nations, and is on the Council of the Spiritual Caucus UN and the United Religions Initiative UN. She is a United Nations Representative for the Tribal Link Foundation, the Wittenburg Center for Alternative Resources and the International Association of Educators for World Peace.


  • Hafeezah Basir
  • Lisa Caswell
  • Dorothy Cunha: Being part of The Heart of the Healer Foundation (THOTH) has been my joy and blessing since 2004. THOTH’s work to preserve and share the wisdom of indigenous peoples is critical for creating a peaceful and sustainable world for ourselves and our children. I’m happy to also be a part of InterSpiritual Dialogue in Action and now part of One Voice Coalition.
  • Karen Davis
  • Elizabeth A. Denton: Executive coach and strategic business consultant with Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and "Transformation Midwife" title given by clients; Co-author of A Spiritual Audit of Corporate America; Board Member of Humanity In Unity; Master Teacher trained by Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi.
  • Martha Gallahue: President of the National Service Conference of the American Ethical Union, a co-founder of InterSpiritual Dialogue in Action and active in numerous social justice and governance NGO's at the United Nations.
  • Allyson Grey
  • Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D. (Cand) MS. Sc, Founder and Director of The Academy For Future Science, an international non-profit organization, which is a UN-NGO (ECOSOC), working towards the development of consciousness and environmental sustainability. She is an adjunct Professor at SUNY, Purchase College, New York and her recent work involves comparative environmental studies and the deeper understanding of indigenous cultures.
  • Fred Johnson
  • Michael Johnson
  • Loch Kelly, founder and Director of Natural Wakefulness Center, is a licenced Psychotherapist, has served as Interfaith Chaplin at Union Theological Seminary, was a member of the Teachers Council of New York Insight Meditation Center and has been authorized to teach by Tibetan Buddhist Mingyur Rinpoche and Zen teacher Adyashanti. He is dedicated to making available practical teachings of awakening and compassionate action that are part of the human lineage.
  • Audrey Kitagawa: head of the Light of Awareness International Spiritual Family, and is the Special Advisor to the World Federation of United Nations Associations. She is the current Chair of the NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns, New York
  • Pamela Kraft: Executive Director of the Tribal Link Foundation an ECOSOC NGO affiliated with the United Nations. She is also a member of the Executive Committee of the NGO Committee for the International Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples at the United Nations.
  • Barbara Larisch: psychologist and a New York coordinator for Ken Wilber's Integral Institute.
  • Joyce Liechenstein, Ph.D., DAPA, LMHC, is Associate Director of One Spirit Learning Alliance and One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City. One Spirit is committed to educating the public and training interfaith ministers for skillful and loving service in the world. Our mission is to offer experiential programs that encourage the development of a practical spirituality appropriate to the 21st century.
  • Judy Martin is an Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist who reports on social concerns, business, and work/life integration. She writes and Judy has contributed to NPR News, Marketplace Report, World Vision Report, News 12 Long Island and HD-News. She’s written for CNBC.Com, Motto Magazine, Women’s E-News, and Arts&Understanding Magazine. She is the Author of the upcoming: PRACTICAL CHAOS: A Reporter's Notebook on the Exquisite Nature of Resilience .
  • Matt Mitler: Director of Theatre Group Dzieci, which balances work on performance with work of service, and is committed to Art as a path for transformation. Mr. Mitler is featured in the anthology, Working on the Inside: The Spiritual Life Through the Eyes of Actors by Retta Blaney. Dzieci is profiled in The Encyclopedia of Religion
  • Deborah Moldowis active in global networking for a culture of peace through the World Peace Prayer Society and the United Religions Initiative, as well as at the United Nations
  • Tom Moroz
  • Mitchell Jay Rabin, M.A., L.AC., holistic psychotherapist, stress management consultant, educator, founded the organization A Better World in 1993 to offer services to the larger community. Mitchell authors a weekly E-Newsletter and produces and hosts weekly TV and radio shows both called A Better World through which he dialogues with the sung and unsung heroes of our society.
  • Swami Ramananda: President of the New York Integral Yoga Institute and has been teaching Yoga for over twenty-five years. He conducts Teacher Training Certification Programs for Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Hatha Yoga and Stress Management.. Swami Ramananda teaches and lectures internationally and at Yoga Journal and Omega national conferences
  • Richard Schiffman
  • Bernard Starr
  • Alan Steinfeld: Founder of New Realities TV and News Realities productions; active for many years in bringing spiritual teachers and leaders to the New York community.
  • Robyn Stratton-Berkessel is enormously grateful for the rich diversity in her life which flows increasingly effortlessly into all aspects of her being and work. How we can positively impact the world using technologies to allow all voices to be heard, the collective wisdom to emerge in an appreciative, honoring way is her passion.
  • Erin Weinshenk
  • Steve Wolfe represents Barbara Marx Hubbard and her Foundation for Conscious Evolution to the Coalition for OneVoice. Steven has written and spoken extensively on the spiritual dimension of human evolution into space. His writings have appeared in The New York Times and numerous space publications. A recent essay titled “The Conscious Evolutionary Choice,” appears in Return to the Moon (2006 Apogee Books)



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