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The Coalitions for America is a Washington DC think-tank that says that it’s mission is to bring about public policy that enhances free enterprise, limited government, strong national defense, and traditional values. its priority issues are (1) Social issues (2) Economic issues (3) Defense and foreign policy issues.

Religious conservative Paul Weyrich and Newt Gingrich were the key figures at the foundation with funds from Joseph Coors.

Coalitions for America
President, Eric Licht, Secretary/Treasurer Charles Moser
Board of Trustees: Paul Weyrich, Paul Pressler
Address: 717 2nd St. NE, Suite 209 Washington, DC 20002
Later:1423 Powhatan Street, #2 Alexandria, VA, United States 22314
Tax Status: 501(c)(4)

They support with channelled grants:

Don't confuse Coalitions for America with the Secular Coalition for America which differs from the Conservative/Libertarian think-tanks in that it is specifically designed for agnostics and atheist. Their poster-tag is "Make American Secular Again". They say that polling has shown them that a quarter of Americans profess to have no religious affiliation. Larry D Decker is current Executive Director