Rockefeller Commission on Population Growth and the American Future

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Commission [1]

University of Chicago

  • Margaret Bright - Professor, Dept. of Behavioral Sciences and Dept. of Epidemiology, School of Hygiene and Public Health, The Johns Hopkins University
  • Marilyn Brant Chandler - Housewife, Volunteer, Student
  • Paul B. Cornely - Professor, Dept. of Community Health Practice, College of Medicine, Howard University, Assistant to the Executive Medical Officer, Welfare and Retirement Fund United Mine Workers of America
  • Alan Cranston - United States Senator, California
  • Lawrence A. Davis - President, Arkansas Agricultural, Mechanical & Normal College
  • Otis Dudley Duncan - Professor of Sociology, University of Michigan
  • John N. Erlenbom - United States Representative, 14th C. District of Illinois
  • Joan F. Flint - Housewife, Volunteer
  • R. V. Hansberger - Chairman and President, Boise Cascade Corporation
  • D. Gale Johnson - Chairman, Department of Economics, University of Chicago
  • John R. Meyer - President, National Bureau of Economic Research, Professor of Economics Yale University
  • Bob Packwood - United States Senator, Oregon
  • James S. Rummonds - Student, Stanford School of Law
  • Stephen L. Salyer - Student, Davidson College
  • Howard D. Samuel - Vice President, Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America
  • James H. Scheuer - United States Representative, 22nd C. District of New York
  • George D. Woods - Director and Consultant, The First Boston Corporation

Staff [2]

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