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Compete America, formerly known as the American Business for Legal Immigration, is a U.S. lobbying group arguing for an increase in the number of temporary skilled migrants. (This category of immigrants enter under what is known in U.S. immigration parlance as the section H-1B quota).

Advocacy for increased entry of temporary workers for the information technology sector has been controversial due to a doubling of unemployment rate for IT professionals and a 15% decline in positions during the last few years. [1]

110th Congress

PoliticalMoneyLine reported May 14, 2007, that the lobbying firm of Mehlman Vogel Castagnetti had registered to lobby for Compete America. MVC "will lobby in the areas of immigration and science, and specifically on H.R. 1645, H.R. 1930, and S. 1083." Also see U.S. immigration legislation.

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Compete America
1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 600
Washington, DC 20004
Email: info AT

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