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Coresta is an tobacco industry-affiliated International scientific and research group. The acronym CORESTA stands for Centre de Cooperation pour les Recherches Scientifiques Relatives au Tabac, which translates to English as the Cooperation Centre for Scientific Research Relative to Tobacco. CORESTA was created following the resolutions approved by the First International Scientific Tobacco Congress held in Paris, France, on September 10, 1955. It was created "In order to operate a permanent Secretariat for international co-operation in scientific studies relative to tobacco." An international organization whose objective is "to improve cooperation in scientific research and tobacco." Consists of 186 member companies/institute from 54 countries, including tobacco, paper and filter companies, and universities engaged in tobacco research.

Internal structure, membership and function

The main bodies of CORESTA are the General Assembly, the Board, comprising 14 member organizations, the Scientific Commission, comprising twenty persons, and the Study Groups. A General Secretariat, based in Paris, is in charge of running the day-to-day operations of CORESTA and handling its documentation.

The official language of CORESTA is English.

Admission as a member of CORESTA is dependent on approval by the Board. According to the United States Department of Justice Factual memorandum from 2004,

The registered offices of CORESTA are located in Paris. Every major world-wide tobacco company and tobacco industry affiliated organization is a member. CORESTA holds meetings every two years and, as of 1992, CORESTA had approximately 190 members, including British American Tobacco, Philip Morris, Lorillard, Brown & Williamson, Liggett, and R.J. Reynolds.

According to the United States Department of Justice's 2004 factual memorandum, "Various CORESTA groups have acted to advance the defendants' [tobacco companies] public relations agenda on issues such as the health effects of exposure to secondhand smoke and additives and ingredients."[1][2]


Secretary General: François Jacob

11 rue du Quatre Septembre
75002 Paris

Phone: +331 58 62 58 70
Fax: +331 58 62 58 79

E-mail addresses:
Secretary General:


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