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Council for Better Government (CBC) is a 527 political action committee based in Edwardsville, Kansas. [1]

In October 2002, Washington Post reporter Thomas B. Edsall reported that "One new organization that declined to reveal its funding sources—the Council for Better Government—has spent about $1 million for ads on black radio stations urging African Americans to consider voting Republican."

The Center for Public Integrity reported in July 2005 that the Republican Leadership Coalition had given $1.2 million to the CPC, "which reportedly aired television and radio advertisements touting GOP efforts."

In the 2004 campaign cycle, the CBC reported to the Federal Election Commission that it had received $244,000 from Americas PAC (see Richard Nadler for information), $25,000 from the Republican Leadership Coalition, and $25,000 from John Uhlmann.

Reported expenditures included $270,000 to Access Communications Group, and four payments totalling $7,000 to John Altevogt for "Admninistrative fees for operating organization". [2]

Note: Americas PAC, the Republican Leadership Coalition, and Access Communications are all affiliated with Richard Nadler.

Contact Information

Spokesman: John Altevogt [3]
10601 Shawnee
Edwardsville, Kansas 66111

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