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"Author of Better Ways to Live:Honoring Social Inventors, Exploring New Challenges (2017), Enlarging Our Comfort Zones: A Life of Unexpected Destinations (2016) and Gift of Darkness: Growing U[p in Occupied Amsterdam (2015), all from Willow Press, Ashland, Oregon; co-author of Citizen Summitry and of Securing Our Planet (both with entrepreneur and philanthropist Don Carlson, published by Tarcher), and of Sanctions for Evil (with psychologist Nevitt Sanford, published by Beacon Press). Educated at Harvard College, London School of Economics, and Stanford University." [1] "After graduate school, he was co-director of the William James Center for Adult Development in Berkeley. Later he was director of the Ark Foundation, also located in the San Francisco area (1984-89)...Earlier, Craig wrote a history of and argument against the McCarthyite “loyalty affidavit,” with a Foreword by John F. Kennedy, then a Senator (1960)." [1]

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