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DNA Bioscience is a company specialising in genetic testing. On its website it claims it is "The UK's leading DNA testing provider offers a full range of genetic, paternity and DNA testing services".[1]

David Blunkett the former British Home Secretary and Work and Pensions Secretary was a former director of the organisation [2]. DNA Bioscience is one of several companies expected to bid for a contract from Work and Pensions Ministry.[3]

On 31 October 2005 Blunkett was forced to sell shares he bought for his children in DNA Bioscience. Blunkett handed the shares onto his sons and later requested that they be sold. After serving in a ministerial position, MP’s must declare any private interests which might merit a conflict of interest. The fact that he did not was a breach of the ministerial code. The fact that Blunkett sold his shares came too late to avoid any damage. On 1 November 2005, Blunkett resigned as Work and Pensions Secretary due to the controversy with DNA Bioscience.[4]

Also on 1 November 2005, Lucy Siddiqi a director of DNA Bioscience, also resigned citing the alleged intense pressure of media scrutiny. [5]. Lucy Siddiqi's husband, Tariq Siddiqi – the man who introduced Blunkett to estate agent Sally Anderson with whom he had a relationship with, is reported to own 75 per cent of the company's shares. [6] Tariq Siddiqi, Siddiqi,chequered past has included several failed companies. In comments made to the British tabloid, The Daily Mail, Anderson claimed that Tariq Siddiqi was expecting favours from Blunkett. [7]

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