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Daniel Bach "obtained his PhD from St. Anthony’s College (Oxford University), and is a researcher with the Centre national de recherches scientifiques (CNRS). He is Director of Research and lecturer at the Centre d’ étude d’ Afrique noire of the Institut d’ études politiques in Bordeaux, and has previously held teaching appointments in Nigeria and Canada. He is currently coordinating a research network on regional integration in Africa. A political scientist, he has published numerous articles on African and African-European international relations. He has a special interest in Nigeria." [1] (IDRC Books)

"A former Director of CEAN, he was a Deakin Fellow at St Antony's College, Oxford, and a Fulbright scholar (Boston University). He has published on the political economy of Nigerian federalism; the foreign policies of Nigeria and South Africa; regional institutions and the regionalisation processes in Africa; the interactions between Africa's regionalization and the globalization of the world economy; relations between France, the European Union and Africa (bilaterally and through the Lomé conventions). He is currently preparing on a book on Africa and international relations theory. A number of his publications may be consulted at: http://www.cean.u-bordeaux.fr/page%20perso/bach.htm " [2]

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