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Daniel V. McCaughan, former Chief Technology Officer, Trireme Systems.

"Mr. McCaughan has been an advisor to companies and government agencies in both the US and UK, as an expert in technology and engineering, and has testified before committees of both houses of the UK Parliament. During 2000, he served as President and Chief Operating Officer of CDT, a leading company in the light emitting polymer display industry. From 1988 to 2000, he held Executive Director and Board positions with STC and Nortel Networks, including the positions of Director of the Northern Ireland Telecomms Engineering Centre, Chief Scientist of BNR and Nortel Technology and of Nortel Satellite Network Solutions. In these positions he built and staffed a large telecommunications engineering center for Nortel and obtained numerous Government and commercial contracts in telecommunications and satellite systems. From 1980 to 1988, he held executive and board positions in the fields of defence, focused on components, electronics, and systems, including the role of Technical Director for the GEC components group of companies. He was at RSRE (now DERA in the UK) from 1974 to 1980, and Bell Laboratories from 1968 to 1974.

"Dr. McCaughan has had a long association with the Defence Industry. While at Bell Laboratories, he worked and published in the field of nuclear radiation effects on integrated circuits. Since 1974, in the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment of the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), he developed specialist military applications in radar and sonar, including novel circuits and systems in these fields. He also proposed and supervised industrial contracts for military systems. He assisted in the development of the equivalent of the U.S. Very High Speed Integrated Circuit program (VHSIC). In 1981, at GEC-Marconi, then one of the UK’s largest defence contractors, he initiated and controlled the research and development of devices and subsystems for many military applications, including novel radar devices; microwave subsystems; silicon-on-sapphire radiation-hard circuits; advanced compound semiconductors and Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) devices and communications systems. From time to time, since 1981, he has acted as an Advisory Consultant to the UK MoD, chairing and taking part in numerous working and advisory groups on novel and advanced military system requirements, including emerging technologies and novel weapons systems. He maintains an interest in many military requirements, particularly in communications and in infra-red and millimetric imaging and display systems. He chairs the UK DTI Foresight panel in the areas of IT, Communications and Media. He also has chaired and served on various major government bodies including UK Ministry of Defence working parties, and the R&D unit – Industrial Research and Technology Unit (IRTU) of the Government of N. Ireland, and the Technology Board for Northern Ireland (TBNI).

"Dr. McCaughan has two doctorates, a Doctor of Philosophy in Physics and a Doctor of Science in Engineering. He was awarded the OBE for his contributions to technology, and elected to Fellowships of the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Irish Academy of Engineering. He holds Fellowships in professional institutions in General Engineering (IEI), Electrical Engineering (IEE), Aeronautical Engineering (RAeS), Physics (IoP) and the Institute of Directors (IoD). He has been a Professorial Fellow of Queen’s University Belfast since the 1980’s. He has produced over 100 publications and patents." [1]

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