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David Rapoport is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is founding co-editor of the journal Terrorism and Political Violence. [1]


  • David Rapoport, Terrorism: Critical Concepts in Political Science [4 Volume Set] (2006).
  • David Rapoport, Inside Terrorist Organizations (2001).
  • David Rapoport and Leonard Weinberg, The Democratic Experience and Political Violence (2001).
  • David Rapoport and Yonah Alexander, The Morality of Terrorism: Religious and Secular Justifications (1989).
  • David Rapoport and Yonah Alexander, Morality of Terrorism: Religious Origins and Ethnic Implications (1982).
  • David Rapoport and Yonah Alexander, The Rationalization of Terrorism (1972).
  • David Rapoport, Assassination and Terrorism (1971).

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