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David Gorton

"In 1986 David Gorton began his trading career at Chemical Bank making markets in bonds and subsequently helped to build Chemical’s reputation and strength in forward rate agreements (FRA). He also helped to create and subsequently acted as joint head of Chemical’s Eurobond trading.

"In 1989 David joined HSBC in London in charge of trading in FRA and short-dated bonds. In 1992 he was promoted to Chief Dealer for HSBC in the USA, where he was responsible for all interest rate risk. In May 1997 he joined the Chase Manhattan Bank to become Chief Investment Officer of London Diversified Fund Limited.

"In 2002 David created London Diversified Fund Management (UK) Ltd to take over responsibility for managing London Diversified Fund Limited. The London Diversified Fund Management Group has since grown to 70 staff, has created another fund, London Select Fund, and has grown to assets in excess of $3.7 billion under management." [1]

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