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David V Tansley 1934 – 1988 "was a chiropractor, lecturer, and the Vice President of the British Radionics Association. David Tansley was a colleague of John DaMonte, Ruth Drown, Thomas Galen Hieronymus, George Laurence, Tad Mann, Malcolm Rae, Guyon Richards, Rosemary Russell, George de la Warr, Vernon Wethered, Jane Wilcox,

"David Tansley spent many years researching Eastern Wisdom and studying Alice Bailey. He desigend radionics machines specifically to treat chakras and energy fields of a more subtle nature. Tansley produced a two well machine which he called a Simulator. Its objective was to duplicate the energies of a substance in one well into the second well forming a homeopathic attenuation (potency)...

"David Tansley wrote Subtle Body: Essence and Shadow, The raiment of light: a study of the human aura, Radionics Interface with the Ether Fields, Radionics and the Subtle Anatomy of Man, Radionics: Science Or Magic? : An Holistic Paradigm of Radionic Theory and Practice, Radionic Healing: Is it for You?, Omens of Awareness, Chakras – Rays and Radionics, Dimensions of Radionics, Radionics: A Patient’s Guide to Instrumented Distant Diagnosis and Healing, Puppet Master with Liz Greene, Ray Paths and Chakra Gateways: An Approach to Spiritual Psychology Through Radionics.." [1]

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