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Claudio Grossman "is Professor of Law and Dean of American University Washington College of Law (WCL) and the Raymond Geraldson Scholar for International and Humanitarian Law. Since his appointment as dean in 1995, WCL has further developed its intellectual creativity, pursuing numerous and exciting initiatives...

"Dean Grossman is a member and the Vice Chairman of the United Nations Committee against Torture (elected in 2003), and a member of the Commission for the Control of Interpol's Files (elected in February 2005). In addition, he currently serves as President of the College of the Americas (COLAM), an organization of colleges and universities in the Western Hemisphere, and as the Chair of the Committee on International Cooperation of the Association of American Law Schools.

"Dean Grossman was a member of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) from 1994-2001. He was twice elected its President, first in 1996 and again in 2001. He also served twice as the IACHR's First Vice President (2000-2001, 1995-1996) and Second Vice President (1999-2000). He was the IACHR's Special Rapporteur on Women's Rights (1996-2000), Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Populations (2000-2001), and Observer of the AMIA Trial (2001-2005). Representing the IACHR, Dean Grossman participated in missions to Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay and Peru, among others. On behalf of international and non-governmental organizations, he has also chaired or participated in missions to observe elections in Nepal, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Romania, Surinam, and the Middle East.

"Dean Grossman is the author of numerous publications regarding international law and human rights (see He has also received numerous awards for his work with human rights and international law, including the René Cassin Award from B'nai B'rith International in Chile and the Harry LeRoy Jones Award from the Washington Foreign Law Society. In October 2000, Dean Grossman was named Outstanding Dean of the Year by the National Association of Public Interest Law (now known as Equal Justice Works). In addition, the Inter American Press Association named Dean Grossman as the recipient of the Chapultepec Grand Prize 2002 for his achievements in the field of human rights and his work and commitment to promoting and protecting the freedom of expression and of the press for all people.

"Dean Grossman is a member of numerous associations, including the Inter-American Institute for Human Rights, for which he is a member of the Board of Directors." [1]

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