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Deidre Delisi, wife of Ted Delisi, served as Special Assistant to then-Lieutenant Governor Rick Perry (November 1998 to August 1999) and then "held the same post for Governor Perry from December 2000 to July 2001." [1]

Delisi is described as "a veteran of numerous political campaigns, having served as a policy advisor on Bush-Cheney 2000, Policy Director for Rick Perry's 1998 campaign for Lieutenant Governor, and a policy assistant on Lamar Alexander's 1996 presidential campign." [2]

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Delisi "received her BA in political science from Duke University in 1994 and her MA in International Policy Studies from Stanford University in 1995." [3]

From November 2003, Delisi served as Perry's senior deputy chief of staff and in September 2004 was appointed as his new chief of staff.[4]

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