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The Desert Lion Conservation project "was started in 1998 with the aim to collect sound ecological data, address human-lion conflicts, and to develop a conservation strategy...

"The Desert Lion Conservation Project was started by P Stander in 1998. He worked for the Ministry of Environment and Tourism for 23 years, studying the ecology of large carnivores, and in 1996 became the Carnivore Coordinator. He completed his Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge in 1994, and his thesis on the evolution of sociality in felids, was awarded the "T H Huxley Prize" by the London Zoological Society." [1]

Sponsors of their work include the likes of the World Wildlife Fund, Wilderness Safaris, Namibia Nature Foundation, and Integrated Rural Development & Nature Conservation.

"The project was started by Dr Flip Stander and for several years was run jointly by Lise Hanssen and Flip Stander under the Predator Conservation Trust name, before it was renamed the Desert Lion Project." [2]



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