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Biographical Information

"Dixon de Leña is Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner of Integral Partnerships LLC, a management consulting company he co-founded with Dr. Paul H. Ray in 1999. Integral Partnerships is a consulting firm whose primary mission is to engage and assist leaders of business in the most urgent need of our time – to generate significant velocity in our transition to a wiser, and ultimately sustainable, economy for our Planet.

"In 1996, Paul H. Ray created and administered seminal, values-based, research on the U.S. consumer market and labeled a new emergent subculture of individuals as Cultural Creatives. It’s widely agreed among expert observers of the green and sustainability field that Cultural Creatives are the most enlightened leaders dedicated to positive change in the business sector, the opinion leaders on sustainable living, the most sophisticated green (LOHAS) consumers, and the most engaged constituents within communities, government and civil society. Integral Partnerships LLC is the preeminent expert on the Cultural Creatives and engages with business organizations and leaders committed to leveraging the contribution of CCs in creating a sustainability-oriented future. We have since facilitated duplicate studies in Europe and Asia, and updated our own U.S. study in 2008.

"Since 1999, Dixon has been a regular speaker at green and sustainability business conferences, including LOHAS, Green America (formerly Co-op America Green Business), LOHAS China and others. As CEO of Integral Partnerships LLC, his current long-term focus is the development of Cultural Creatives in Leadership (CCIL) and the expansion of the LOHAS business movement worldwide.

"For nearly 30 years, Dixon has consulted executives and senior managers of almost every major industry group in the Fortune 50/500 group and in private and public sectors in North America, Europe and Asia on leadership development, organizational values, culture, and innovation.

"Dixon is a featured author in “Einstein’s Business: Engaging Soul, Innovation and Excellence in the Workplace” by Elite Books, as well as several print and online articles. His current book in process with Paul Ray is “The Beginning Is Here! The Emerging Wisdom Culture Shaping the Future of Business.” His other book in process, entitled “Creating a Culture of Authentic Power”, is based on his consulting experiences with business leaders over the last 25 years who were creating a new form of organizational power called authentic power, a concept founded on the higher virtues of human experience as an antidote to the current management paradigm of force and domination, and to allow these virtues to transform their business philosophy, organization’s culture, leadership and management.

"Dixon is an Alumni of Bainbridge Island Graduate Institute as an Auditor of its first Sustainable MBA Program."[1]


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