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Dr Don Keiller (MA, PhD, Cantab) studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, graduating with a 2.1 in 1977[1]. He is a climate change contrarian, he may well be a climate skeptic. He is on record as saying "I believe [climate change] is happening, but not catastrophic and not primarily CO2 driven."[2] . He does not agree that there is a consensus on the causes and insists there "is increasing evidence to the contrary being published in peer-reviewed scientific journals" [3]

Dr Keiller has been known to sign himself Environmental Science research (sic) Centre, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge [4] but he is more accurately deputy head of Life Sciences at the Department of Life Sciences [5] which is a part of the Environmental Science Research Centre, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge[6]. His primary responsibility is Programme Leader for Biomedical, Molecular & Sports Science. He is not a climate scientist.

Keiler has been critical of the scientists at the centre of the CRU hack. Saying "What these emails reveal is a detailed and systematic conspiracy "[7] . Ironically one of those hacked emails was from Dr Keiller himself. In one email to Dr Keith Briffa, Dr Keiller describes himself as an 'environmental plant physiologist'. He also writes "Given the scientific, political and economic importance of these papers, further detailed explanation is urgently required" [8] which infers an ideological dimension in Dr Keiller's approach to climate science.

Keiller also pretends that climate science is confounded by temperature and CO2 projections from the early Holocene 8500 years ago [9]. Suggesting that 'increased atmospheric CO2 = increased warmth' is a 'modern myth.'[10] As has been well documented on many occasions, however this is mendacious because CO2 is not the only driver for climate change and no climate scientists suggest otherwise.

He made at least eight separate submissions to the Muir Russell Climategate Enquiry.

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