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The Donkin Exploration Project is under consideration by Xstrata Coal as a 5 million tonnes per annum underground longwall coal proiect aimed at supplying both the domestic and international markets. On its website Xstrata Coal states that the project would be located on based on the Donkin Peninsula in Nova Scotia, Canada.[1]


On its website Xstrata Coal the project is a joint venture between Xstrata Coal Canada (75%) and Erdene Gold (25%)" and managed by Xstrata Coal Donkin Management.[1]


On its website Xstrata Coal states that "initial development of the Donkin Coal Project was started by the Cape Breton Development Corporation in the late 1970’s. A series of offshore boreholes were drilled and in the early 1980’s work began on the driving of 2 access tunnels. These tunnels were completed in 1988 and are 3600m long and vary between 20% and 1% in grade. Work on the project was suspended in 1989 due to a downturn in world coal markets and in 1992 a decision was made to seal the tunnels and allow them to flood with groundwater. In June 2006 the Donkin site and sealed access tunnels were purchased by the Xstrata Coal Alliance from the Cape Breton Development Corporation. The tunnels remained sealed until October 2006 when they were successfully re-opened and dewatering and remediation activities commenced on site. If a decision was made to proceed with this project then it would be anticipated that a Longwall would be in production by 2011"[1]

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