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Dorothy Shore Zinberg "is a Lecturer in Public Policy, and a Faculty Associate in the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. She received a Ph.D. in sociology at Harvard where she was appointed a lecturer, and subsequently, became a founding member of the Center for Science and International Affairs. She has taught “Law, Technology, and Society” at Harvard Law School, Science in a Social Context at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and currently teaches “Issues in Science, Technology and Public Policy” at KSG. Her research focuses on several aspects of international science, and technology: industry, university, and government. She has served in advisory positions on the Board of International Scientific Exchanges at the National Academy of Sciences (NAS); the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Committee on Science and Social Responsibility; and the National Science Foundation (NSF) Program on Ethical and Human Value Implications of Science (EVIST). Dr. Zinberg has been a consultant to the Chase Manhattan Bank, the MITRE Corporation, and many foundations, including the MacArthur and Carnegie Foundations. She was a Distinguished Fellow of the Aspen Institute, and currently is a member of the International Council for Science Policy Studies, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, and the Council on Foreign Relations. During the 1990s, Dr. Zinberg served on the NATO Panel on Science and Technology Policy which provides funding to collaborative S&T Policy efforts between NATO member and Eastern European and former Soviet Union countries. She currently serves on the Erik Erikson Institute Council of Scholars at the Austen Riggs Foundation. In addition, she serves on the Advisory Board of M.I.T.’s Whitehead Institute for Biology, and the Jefferson Scholars program at the Department of State and the National Academy of Sciences." [1]

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