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The foundation is a quack outfit that says that their primary aim is to "establish a New Global Healthcare System that can be implemented simply and economically in any country, at the local level and right up to the level of national public health policy. " [1] It is run by Matthias Rath. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, a Member of the Board of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation, also serves as an Executive Vice President and Vice President of Research at Matthias Rath, Inc.

In late 2006 "Five non-governmental organisations (NGOs), the Alliance for Natural Health, the Dr Rath Health Foundation, the National Health Federation, VOICE and May Day, have formed a new alliance to challenge national and international regulations and guidelines that continue to allow the use of synthetic fluorides in infant formulas." [1]


Web: http://www4.dr-rath-foundation.org

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