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Dror Topf according to the Washington Jewish Week[1], is a 29 year old Israeli working for Deloitte & Touche in Washington, D.C. He was a founder of the Pakistan-Israel Peace Forum.

According to one account:

In Israel, politics is typical workday conversation, but when Dror Topf came to the United States about 3 1/2 years ago, he was advised that might not be a good idea. Yet on the first day of his job at a consulting firm, he couldn't help himself. A French colleague started attacking Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, and even though Topf calls himself a "Labor Party kind of guy," he responded in kind.
Later told he would be sitting side-by-side with a employee from Pakistan, Topf was a little worried. He'd never met anyone from Pakistan, and that country did not recognize Israel. His new co-worker was not what he had expected.
Waleed Ziad "has more Jewish friends than I do," Topf quipped. And he was "kind of like my counterpart," said Topf, 29. Just as Topf can sympathize with the average Palestinian trying to get to work, but held up by checkpoints, Ziad, 25, can understand the average Israeli's worry that a suicide bomb might go off at any minute. "Waleed is able to look [an Israeli] in the eye and see we're not evil," Topf said.[2]


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