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E.ON UK, in addition to owning and operating coal-fired, gas-fired and renewable power stations, is an enthusiastic promoter of nuclear power in the United Kingdom. In May 2007 E.ON stated that it was "keen to take a leading role in the development of a next generation nuclear programme" and that it was "supporting reactor designs by Westinghouse and Areva for pre-licensing." Somewaht more cryptically it stated only that it was "in discussions with GE Energy".[1]

The following year E.ON UK claimed that "there is no requirement for either government subsidies or for a guaranteed long-term cost of carbon to make new nuclear power stations economic." While restating that it was supporting Westinghouse and Areva designs, it made no mention of how its "discussions" were going with GE Energy. E.ON UK's parent company, E.ON, owns and operates nuclear power stations in Germany and in Sweden.[2]

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