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eLOT "has cast its chips into the online gaming arena," according to Hoover's Online. "Formerly EXECUTONE Information Systems, the company sold its computer telephony and health-care communications businesses in 2000 to focus on its eLottery subsidiary, which offers online transaction and information systems to lottery operators. The unit operates Web sales of lottery tickets in the US and Jamaica. The company's eLottoNet unit keeps players informed of lottery results with a free e-mail notification service. It also owns DM360, which operates a collection of promotion and direct marketing Web sites. eLOT and its eLottery subsidiary filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2001."

Key People

Contact Details

46 Southfield Avenue
Three Stamford Landing Suite 370
Stamford CT 06902
Telephone: (203) 388-1800
URL: http://www.elot.com