EMILY's List (U.K)

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Like the US organisation of the same name (EMILY's List (U.S.)), Emily's List UK is named after the 'acronym for "Early Money is Like Yeast" (it makes the dough rise)', EMILY'S LIST UK 'was launched in February 1993 to raise money to help women members of the Labour Party with the cost involved in seeking Parliamentary Selection.'[1]

The founder and director of Emily's List is Barbara Follett, now Labour MP for Stevenage.

The organisation has a number of connections to key New Labour networkers, who link it to business friendly policies and to the secret state. For example, the PR for Emily's List was undertaken by Hobsbawm Macaulay Associates run by the 'networker's networker'website, Julia Hobsbawm and by Sarah Macaulay, latterly Sarah Brown, whose husband is UK Chancellor Gordon Brown.

Another key connection is with long time MI6 operative Margaret 'Meta' Ramsay, who helped to found Emily's List.