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Earth Sanctuaries Ltd are the private sector alternative to the government-funded national parks system. "The net profit/(loss) after income tax attributable to members of Earth Sanctuaries Ltd. for 2003/04 was $(2,513,091) (2002/03 $(1,217,587))." [1]

In 2000, Jim Green writing in the Australian Green Left Weekly said :"The only “environmentalist” to get a good rap from the Australian think tanks is John Wamsley, who runs Earth Sanctuaries Ltd, a company which uses investors funds to buy land for conservation. Wamsley told the March Institute of Public Affairs Review, “The first investor who came in said he wanted to be green, but he took out his half million profit when it came to that.” Wamsley is as blinkered by economics as the best of the think tankers: “Things which are not profitable must fail, or be run in a minimum way. That is why Australia's conservation record is so poor.” “Is there anything you want to say in conclusion?”, the IPA Review asked Wamsley. “If anybody has any sense, they would buy our shares. The future will tell that they are an excellent buy now.”"

According to their website "Earth Sanctuaries Ltd has recently completed an exciting merger with ES Link Pty Ltd to create a diversified environmental sustainability group." [2]


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