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Earth Scouts is a new national scouting program for boys and girls ages 3+ years. Children and Youth are encouraged to become responsible global citizens empowered with the ability to make a difference in their local communities and throughout the world. Through education, activities, and service scouts promote The Earth Charter vision of a caring, sustainable and peaceful world. They also have fun by earning badges centered on the Earth Charter’s guiding principles: respect for nature, universal human rights, economic fairness and corporate responsibility, participatory democracy as well as a culture of peace and nonviolence.[1]

The Earth Scouts program welcomes people from all nations, cultures, and faiths. It is an inclusive community committed to sharing ideas, information and support for Earth Scouts members. There are a number of online support tools offered for Earth Scouts members. These include an an official Earth Scouts blog and a social network that encourages members to actively write about the groups activities.[2] Above all else, Earth Scouts values the creativity and inspiration of the facilitators and scouts to adapt lessons suited to the demands of their group. Ultimately, Earth Scouts promotes an awareness of the interdependence of all life and is helping parents and youth to bring about a world full of peace, compassion and joy.

"Jan Roberts is the founder and president of Earth Charter U.S. and the Earth Scouts program.[1] Louise Gammons is the national Earth Scouts coordinator who is currently developing the Earth Scouts social network and program.



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